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TeaTV 10.0.2r is a free TV app, which has APK file available for free Download for Android devices. This application gives you the ability to get access to many movies and TV series for free.


If you are a fan of TV series and movies and can’t afford expensive paid services such as Netflix and HBO, TeaTV will bring you good news. This application offers free TV services for users without needing purchasing.

Since the discounted price for purchasing the paid services is still too expensive and in some countries, it is not easy to reach those service providers at all, it will be much better to use applications such as TeaTV, despite there are still some lags.

TeaTV will provide you with all series from both NetFlix and HBO, as long as other suppliers. As you will need to pay for separate services in order to watch their exclusive TV series, it is the other reason why it is better to use TeaTV.

TeaTV allows users to view videos up to 1080p resolution, which makes it stands out of the free TV services available online. You might be able to see some ads while watching, it is a common thing to use free services.

Teatv Apk Download For Android
Teatv Apk Download For Android

As TeaTV is a pirate TV application, sometimes it will be interrupted, which happens occasionally to other illegal free TV applications. You just need to open it in another time and it will work fine again.

The features of TeaTV 10.0.2r include:

  • Wide range of online movies and TV series
  • Allow downloading to watch when there is no internet available, extremely helpful when you are on a flight
  • Subtitles available in different languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and a lot more.
  • Advanced search tool

As TeaTV 10.0.2r is not legal, you can only install it using the APK file for Android, which can be downloaded for free on our website.

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