Game of Moans

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Game of Moans 0.2 is an adult visual novel parody game. It is built based on the first version The Whores of Winters of Game of Thrones. The game is a point-and-click adventure game that is not recommended for teenagers under 18. Players can give it a try on their Android devices with its APK For Android for free download here!

Game of Moans is one of the adult-themed kinds of stuff containing prolific kind of content marked 18+. The name of the game has described exactly what it is about. Players will immerse themselves in the sexiest world with different adventures in Winterfell and interactions with several different characters. It has great graphics and cool plots, but players will just want to get through the game as fast as possible as it contains a collection of rather a stingy storyline.

The game now is under its alpha stage. This first version just focuses on introducing the game. In further updates, more actions and characters, who will end up taking off their clothes and exchanging bodies’ chemistry with one another, will be presented.

As all said and done, the game is designed for adults, who are interested in javelin thrower’s arm and preferable to have many arduous and pleasurable hours while playing the game.

If players cannot find the game in Google Store, they can install it by downloading the APK Game of Moans 0.2 for Android at

Additional Information

Godswood Studios
82 MB


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