Freely exchange unlimited chats, calls, photos, videos, and documents with your friends on Facebook through Facebook Messenger 263.0 For IOS! This is a standalone version designed for iPhone For Iphone 7Plus/8/10/11 . Download it now and access to one of the best communicating apps in the world!

Messenger of Facebook offers exclusives features to its users. It connects users with their circle by sending, receiving messages, and building conversations for both mobile devices and computers. Besides, this app enables users to share images or locations within the conversations to make the talks more comfortable and colorful. Moreover, the app also allows users to arrange group chats with many friends, or even open a single chat with different recipients at the same time.

This messaging app brings users to a more interesting world. It provides hundreds of cute sticker collections. These funny icons, images are very similar to the giant emoticons of LINE. Users can easily vivid and customize their conversation with dozens of stickers offered in the app, such as Happy Mimi and Neko, Tonton Friends Return, Annoying Rabbits. Usagyuuun, and so on. This feature will help declare exactly the moment feelings of users and bring conversations to life.

Furthermore, Facebook Messenger provides more customizations on calls and messages. It allows users to choose whether sound or vibration alerts for every received message and calls. Users can also respond to messages via phone to phone text messages. Plus, it enables free calls from the application itself too.

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