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Facebook++ 145.0 For IOS is one of the rarest mods for Facebook that users can Download For iPhone 7Plus/8/10/11. It provides unique features to all Facebook users in Phone, including downloading videos and customizing the interface of the original app.Facebook has become the most popular social network in the world with billions of users, far beyond others of the likes of Twitter, Reddit, and even Instagram. However, it cannot meet all demands of users. Consequently, Facebook modifications have been born to provide more flexibility, customization with the base of the original app. This modified version, Facebook++, is one of those mods.


The modification offers users a variety of advantages. It allows users to treat their favorite videos on Facebook as the way they like. They can not only download videos straight to phones, but also copy and paste any videos, and even disable automatically playing videos. Moreover, it personalizes the Facebook of each user by providing a customizable interface. Users can hide any unwanted tabs in the bar at their wishes. Especially with this app, users can use both Facebook and Messenger in the same application, likely the PC version.


As all said and done, this modified app does a great favor to its Facebook users. It focuses on minor tweaks creating huge benefits to users. It also doesn’t require jailbreaks to download the app. Users can easily have it on the phone and enjoy the services.

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155 MB

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