Call Recorder 1.5.1 For IOS is a free supporting app designed especially for iPhone. It helps users to records both incoming and outgoing calls in your smartphones just by a single tap on devices. Try it now with free Download For iPhone For Iphone 7Plus/8/10/11 here!

The app rings the bell to all users with its useful features for all iPhones. This one is a very light version with a size of 11.4MB. That makes it run smoothly and easily in even low configuration iPhones. Besides, the app is also super intuitive and user-friendly with a simple interface and cool features. The free version allows users to manage recordings and share recordings with others. Moreover, it doesn’t limit the number of stored recordings.

The app is supposedly easy to use. It’s simple in both installing and using. Users only need to launch the application, go to the recording screen, and press the red button to start records all kinds of calls. While using this app, the phone will automatically dial the numbers registered in the app.

As all said and done, the app comforts users with its minor but helpful features. Its simplicity gives it a chance to be used by even busiest people. This app is a great assistant for both private and business life.

Call Recorder Additional Information

Component Studios TeslaCoil Software
11.4 MB

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