You are single and want to meet new friends? Badoo 5.161.0 For IOS is born for you. It’s a dating app that offers great features for making friends all around the world. Get the free download for iPhone 7Plus/8/10/11 here and try it on. It’s time to polish your profile and get a new page of life!

This app is a social network that focuses on introducing people to others. It increases the chance of meeting new people who are suitable for each other with the same hobbies and personalities. Honestly, this app is not for friendship, it works similarly with Tinder, an application for finding love relationships. It hooks users up to people based on their location.

Badoo is also one of the most trustable dating apps. It has a total of 460 million users all over the world. It brings opportunities to discover someone new whom users can talk to, dine out with. It offers both options to users including being superficial as well as delving into the rough tracks of love.


The app owns the main features as below:

  • Meet a suitable person as the users’ wishes.
  • Offer the largest and safest social network.
  • Offer free, simple, and interesting features.
  • Increase the chance of meeting people with over 460 million users.
  • Provide a secure account authentication process.

Additional Information

169.1 MB

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