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Follow the trend of the world with retro and vintage games in 72 in 1! This video console emulator obtains dozens of arcade games playable straight in phones. Download it now with APK for Android here and turn back time to the ’80s when everything is all cool and interesting to the youth generation!

This application is one of the alternative emulators for Atari and Nintendo Wii’s video game consoles with no hefty price tag and physical console. It will bring to players the comfort while playing similar games that were popular in old arcades anytime, anywhere.

The app contains a huge collection of classic games. Players will easily find the super hits such as PAC-MAN, Super Tank, Goonies, Kung-Fu, Bomberman, and so on in the emulator. This list of games is very easy to use. Players can quickly load their favorite games without too many troubles by simply searching on the list and pressing to play.


72 IN 1 provides players:

  • 64 arcade games from the ’80s.
  • Simple and easy to learn and operate interface.
  • Adjustable sound effects and preference.
  • No ROM requỉed.
  • Multiplayer option supports via Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

Enjoy classic video games once again on yoủ phones with APK 71 in 1 for Android available for free download here!

72 in 1 Additional Information

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